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Massive amount Ways to use Adhesive Backed Strip

For several manufacturing and industry applications, adhesive backed strip is an extremely useful and versatile item. There are specialist companies around who specialise in the output of these things and may supply bespoke styles and sizes to fit the demands of the customer.

Adhesive backed rubber strip can be made from a a number of different materials but perhapsthe most prevalent are foam, sponge and rubber. Sponge materials which you can use to create this type of strip includes neoprene and EPDM sponge. Rubber materials used in this sort of application might include silicone and natural rubber whereas adhesive strip created from foam materials will most likely be utilizing polyethylene, PVC and polyurethane.

What are the primary uses for adhesive backed strips? Well, firstly they can be used as dust seals. These are very important items inside a great deal of industries as they prevent dust and dirt from getting into machinery. It only requires a few specks of dust or a piece of dirt to ruin complicated equipment so dust seals made from adhesive strip make a very useful addition for any component.

Another use for adhesive backed strip is sound reduction strips. It can be extremely useful to include in a timber joisted floor because it is an inexpensive approach to decrease the impact of noise and in addition it offers a resilient seating for your boards.

Adhesive strip could also prove very helpful when www.cbfrost-rubber.com utilised for a humidity seal. Humidity seals prevent dampness from getting inside machinery and equipment. Rubber or foam strip makes the perfect material to make these seals as they come in a variety of different thicknesses, are resistant to oils and other chemicals and they are flame retardant.

For more information regarding the uses of adhesive backed rubber strip you can visit www.cbfrost-rubber.com.

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